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A Bad Hat

all sorts of delicious foods can be dangerous for children

10/25/04 08:51 am


10/12/04 12:32 pm - more on the way and it will be much cleverer.

alana is an ethnic joke
alana is waiting in her dungeon
alana is unique in that it exists as the only administratively run organization permitted to preside over and guide the affairs of student
alana is a channeled energy brought through sandy breckenridge
alana is a mirror of your heart and therefore the familiarity that you feel in sensing alana's tone and bringing it into your nature is a reminder of
alana is also my first character; i have never restarted
alana is niet de enigste die uit de toekomst komt
alana is a name for universal heart energy
alana is an executive board member of the high hopes 24 hour crisis hotline
alana is to create a diverse student body
alana is a world
alana is the acronym for the four largest under
alana is african american
alana is to be a model to imitate
alana is taken into make up to prepare for the show so the others wait patiently
alana is knocked unconscious and jenny runs to get help
alana is a great dancer
alana is writing to janet because
alana is passionate about singing
alana is featured as a "girl on the verge" in jump magazine
alana is waiting in her dungeon in north london
alana is "still healthy and running strong
alana is second from left
alana is a beautifully decorated three bedroom
alana is now 17 months old
alana is always aware that she is meant to be a princess trapped in a dungeon or tinkerbell being kidnapped by the lost boys but she seems to
alana is a partner and head of our employment and hr consultancy group
alana is an 18 years old dancer working in a pub but on her spare time she is a member of vigilance
alana is a hard worker and goal
alana is forced to accept
alana is 13 and lives in toronto
alana is one grade higher than sam
alana is
alana is the older of dean and pat's two daughters
alana is an acronym that stands for students of african
alana is our main water quality technician for the 2001
alana is singapore's first budget hotel for golfers
alana is more than just your average pop songstress
alana is a homemaker
alana is used to; she was an air force brat as a child and now has a career in the tourism/travel industry
alana is best known for is probably the fantasy bride she created for the breast cancer auction sponsored by the here's looking at you
alana is the professional organization that represents the nearly one thousand nurse anesthetists and student anesthetists in alabama in matters ranging from
alana is governed by a thirteen
alana is our volunteer coordinator
alana is currently the webmaster for the arts and sciences site at the university of virginia
alana is training to be a healer in her time
alana is the brainchild of leonard perry
alana is making great progress
alana is experiencing a part of hers
alana is the home of one of honolulu's finest gourmet dining experiences
alana is a raver she spends her
alana is very inspirational
alana is still evolving and there is much work to be done
alana is married to robert giovannini and they have three children
alana is the proud resident assistant of the 6th and 7th floors of beaty towers east
alana is currently an undergraduate studying biomedical sciences at the university of paisley
alana is one of our favorites
alana is dropped off at the photographer's studio to get her pictures taken for her school's 1st communion
alana is licensed to practise before the us patent & trademark office
alana is well known by its perfect service and the 15 years experience
alana is very friendly and definitely enjoys what she does
alana is wearing the famous gtfc ? england tee
alana is a member of the graphic artist's guild
alana is a rock star
alana is a very pretty wrestler with years of experience
alana is a technically sound player that will add depth to the defensive unit
alana is employed as an assistant to the preschool director of yeshiva darchei torah in far rockaway
alana is a superb cook
alana is a big fan of yours and your staff
alana is a young girl around 18
alana is being surrounded by some roses
alana is a 1997 graduate of psu chemical engineering and started her career at ppg industries
alana is just as cute as a button
alana is currently 2 weeks into her 10 week
alana is the calmest
alana is in the first scene
alana is an established young model from the south of england
alana is a retention program designed to improve academic success
alana is one of these people that hate people talking about her? even when it?s all
alana is a 1998 graduate and is working in private practice in richmond
alana is a very talented diver and has been able to improve each year
alana is the principal of patterson human resource services ltd
alana is suing bristol
alana is married to dennis beck
alana is a professional model based in san fransisco with incredible skill
alana is a bit taller than karina
alana is a proficient sound recordist
alana is a farm partner
alana is a very dynamic and versatile athlete
alana is nestled amongst the best food
alana is an amha and amhr registered sorrel filly

12/17/03 01:58 am - i am a wicked girl.

and then.

I am an insufferable bitch.

maybe it's a little bit sad. one time someone said to me "why can't you just be a decent person"? when i was 14 or 15 and it really stuck i think. i mean, not to say that it influenced me thereafter. i just. well, whether or not it was true, i had to keep thinking about it. in many situations, "am i a decent person"? i think that it's alright, i mean, people say such things when they know you too well or are/have been fucking you. i guess they do. i guessed that they did at the time. a decent person. it takes a lot to lose the title of decent person. i don't think that the person remembers saying this. it isn't a source of bitterness, although it could be.

but sometimes it still stings
allergic reaction to an insect sting/bite
it seems like my throat is closing up when i consider this accusation.
it's hard to be a decent person and a teenaged girl. or it's hard to be a decent person and me. or it's hard to feel like you are a decent person when you're me.
and self-image sort of projects itself outwardly.
but i didn't mean it.
i just needed help and sometimes help is not possible.

and i consider it over and over.

it's kind of leading in to this other thing.
a great amount of shame over the smallest things, things that maybe people forgot.
but they might not have.
i recall drunkenness.
and i am ashamed of myself. i am ashamed of my loudness and brashness and willingness to beg everyone to help me or forgive me. i am ashamed that i act like i know people when i don't know them at all.
i am that girl who is in way over her head and i am that girl who is shouting as her shirt is slowly and accidentally revealing a fucking child.
and i think about it all the time and i feel very claustrophobic and hot and i wish sometimes that i could leave town and change my name and let everyone just forget
because i don't know who "everyone" is anymore
and i am so selfish that i am slow and barely even there.
barely there is an underwear company and underwear is indecent.

12/15/03 01:36 am



12/14/03 03:10 pm

the other day i got to go to this party and one girl was like hi i know about pink and shiny and eggs too but i don't know about eggs, that's her thing. then all these people kept trying to give me beer and wine except then i was like no but i found a midori sour and it was little and good and there were pumpkins. there was a lot of cheese at this party and teher was this boy that i know called marcus i think and he is nice i think he is either a heroin addict or has pink eye though because his lids were all crusty and so were his eyelashes like maybe he shot up into his eye skin. but he was nice and there was this yellow one that reminded me of the large glass, a lot a lot and he told me about totem poles. i like learning. and the old one that i painted was there and he tried to give me popcorn and i said no thank you a few times and he loves me because he thinks i am little and cute. his penis is strange but i didn't see it because he was wearing small golden shorts. he is very old.

anyway marcus had 40s instead of wine at his exhibit and that makes him almost as cool as the pink and shiny girl. she had a wig though and it had pink and glitter so he can't really do anytihing about that.

and then i got a cookie and it was red. a red star shaped cookie with glitter that you can eat. it was really fun and then i saw the hipster with the afro poofy head and he was like hi and i was like "well, i think that you're boring" he is nice but he is boring. and i was being strange and then there was this girl who made this map where everything connected and one of the things that she said was pantheism and i made one just like that where it said pantheism except mine was prettier so i should make it bigger. god sva seniors are only as good as i am and i am a freshman. i mean it was good but mine was better go yhou i am only saying this with such malice such malice because she was really affected and there were these tall men who didn't get it and they were like yyyeeeessss and eating cheese and they kept sticking their butt in my face.

thjere is babyh poweder outside.
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